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Following God's leading 2

Hi  there!
I am sure you are wondering what I have been up to. It has taken me over three weeks to share my thoughts and I  have been getting 'leadings' to put pen to paper all this while! Suffice it to say that I am still a work in progress in this obedience business. May God give  all of us grace to obey His directions. Amen o!

I have been STRESSED lately. Sometimes, even too stressed to  sleep! Do you think one can be too stressed to sleep? Or too tired to sleep? Let me  know what you think!  But the good news is that I have been working on a book project which  I want to believe I commenced in obedience to a leading. (As in, you know, It's!)

My book 'Beyond the Trial' is an inspirational collection of three African based stories that highlights strategies for coping with rejection, betrayal, abuse, injustice....and encourages us to turn our trials into testimonies, setbacks into stepping stones and insults into results. If there is ONE book you shoul…

5 Reasons why it is good to obey God's leading.

Have you ever gotten into trouble and felt like you walked into a trap? I have. Even more painfully, I have had experiences where I had felt "Something" telling me that this would happen and it did! I don't know what you call it...intuition, sixth sense, a still small voice, your subconscious? I call it God's leading.

Last night, I was "led" to safely put away a new set of gate keys. By safely, I mean out of the reach of some little hands that belong to my "Oga" and my "Madam." I got caught up in following up recent Naija headlines. I did not.

You can imagine my shock and regret when I woke up bright and early at 5am the next day to discover the keys were gone from the last place I sighted them.

Instantly, I started praying.
"God, I am sorry. You had warned me about this. Help me. Please!"

Bearing in mind that we needed to make an early start for school, I ran to rouse the entire household. We had barely an hour and a half to f…