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CambaBooks: #BeyondtheTrial animation video!


I say this by faith & knowing that "Life is a mystery to be lived and not to be solved."   I found this saying interesting as a young girl: "Don't take life too seriously, you never get out of it alive!"  It did not mean in my own understanding that one should not work hard, it just meant that one should take life events calmly knowing that this is only a temporary abode.

#BeyondtheTrial animation video!

Check out the brand new HOT animation video about the inspirational collection of stories #BeyondtheTrial.

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Readers' favorite gives #BeyondtheTrial a FIVE STAR REVIEW!

#BeyondtheTrial has just been given a five star review by a reviewer on Readers' Favorite.

"There is a strong theme of the importance of using one's mind to see positively, despite difficulties. Also, the characters rely on their close friends or mentors, and on prayer. The momentum of the stories is natural but gripping and in it the main female characters achieve closure by their own courage in facing past tribulations. The style is refreshing and direct, and certainly the book is a useful motivator to people who need courage to face their troubles."

Reviewed By Nandita Keshavan for Readers’ Favorite

To read the entire review visit:


Sometime last year when the desire to publish my short stories and writings came, there were also a thousand and one reasons why I should neither write nor publish.

How are you going to find the time to write -with your family commitments and a full time job?
Isn't your life complicated enough already?
Why delve into an area that you are not so familiar with?
Can a leopard ever change its spots?
Why not stick to your medical practice?
Are you sure people will want to read these stories, let alone buy them?

The list went on and on! Oh yes, there was one strange one for which I readily found an antidote:

'The world will soon come to an end, why bother?'
'We are to occupy until the end!' was my response.

I basically took each day as it came. Writing for me is extremely relaxing.,. it is the business or administrative part of it that I did not bargain for. In fact, I never thought about it until I held the proof copy of Beyond the Trial in my hands and then I as…


I am scheduled for a radio interview tomorrow and I am sitting in  my study writing this post. A little voice is nagging me to try and imagine what I could be interviewed about...: the themes I explored in  my book, the motivation behind the writing and between me and you, I am too tired for that soul searching. The book launch is 24 hours away and there  are still crucial invites in my handbag! OUCH!!

How did that happen? 
Search me o!!
Hmm..I will leave that bit of  gist for another day!
Do hook up to Inspiration 92.3 FM and listen in at 10 am tomorrow.

If you can, please pop into my book launch on Saturday 12 noon at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, No. 6 Edmund Crescent Yaba and support a sister! I need it.

Will lunch be served at the launch? Why don't you come and find out?
I go forth in the encouragement in words of this quote and so should you...Let's soar in 2015!


Hello! Let me greet you the way Nigerians would greet someone they have not seen in a long time:
"Long time no see!"
Yourbas will say: "Eku atijo!"
Igbos will say: "Anya gi!"
And you are supposed to say: "Anya na ibe ya!" in response.
I will leave you to decipher what those words!

June was an intriguing month for me. So many ups and downs in my quest to add author to my roles. At some point all my deadlines and timelines had to be re-adjusted. So readjusted were they that I could not even tell when they were to be anymore. I just knew that they were not happening yet!

How did I feel:? Initially a bit frustrated.

Later on, I remembered that my times are in God's hands. So, I put everything on His plate (which must be massive to cater for the needs of us all!) and just let it go. Slowly but surely, things gradually fell into place.

They fell into place so much that I could only say God I thank you!...I felt loved by God. It was only…