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Creative Writing Opportunity!- Call For Submissions to Voices Anthology

If you crave an opportunity to write about the rich cultural heritage of the Yorubas in any literary form (art, photography, prose, poetry..), this may be your chance! For a chance to enter for the Voices Anthology creative writing contest with deadlines on September 15, hurry now and click on the link below!

Voices Anthology: Voices: The Ife issue - Call For Submissions:

Go for it! Dare to soar!
Best wishes!


The Beyond the Trial book launch finally came ...and went! It was a harrowing experience for me. A sojourn into new frontiers. I was nearly paralyzed with fear as the proposed time for commencement approached. The event started about one and a half hours late, just when I was wondering if my invitees would show up! Do I look petrified in this picture?...I was!

But show up they did alright!...Friends, colleagues, family...I met co-workers I had not seen for years and I basically had a nice time! Oh yes, I sang a Beyond the Trial theme song I wrote for the book &  a short Spoken Word performance of the Beyond the Trial poem!

Beyond The Trial Book Trailer - check this out!