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Life is filled with choices. A series of well made choices results in success. Wrong choices in life if unchecked  often lead to disaster. There are some issues in which God chooses on our behalf...and we then have to believe that His choice is the best for us.


To be single- minded is to be extremely focused. A research into the lives of most great men, reveals that they were consumed with passion for the causes for which they fought, even if it meant losing their lives. For them it was a battle till the end - there was often no plan B, C, D or E. They fought valiantly, doggedly till they achieved their goals.

Believe in Your dreams!

I must admit I have never been the strong confident person I think I should be. I am the reserved, behind the scene kind of person who would rather let others take the credit for what I probably should revel in. I admire and respect people who are strong, bold and confident. Kudos folks!

I am not hiding because I don't believe in my dreams; I am hiding because I love my privacy too much - that peace and freedom that comes with living a simple, everyday life in which you don't have to worry about who will recognize you on the street and publish in the tabloids that your make-up was not 'on point,' or that you wore last season's clothes...


I have been in hibernation lately and I hope that after the hibernation I will come up with great ideas. It is thanksgiving season and I am just going to post a series of posts about things I am thankful for.

One of them is my sight. I would not sau I have bionic eyes (hey, who remembers 'bionic woman' of the 80's...?), but I am grateful for what I have. So in case you are feeling unloved and keen on a pity party, think about what you have that some others don't.