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What do you know about Glaucoma?

Today marks the beginning of the World Glaucoma week!
It is a week set aside to create awareness of an eye disease which is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide.
Glaucoma is a name which is used to refer to a wide spectrum of diseases in which there is damage to the optic nerve., which is the nerve responsible for vision that connects the eye to the brain.

Glaucoma has been classified into various types based on  the structure of the eye (open angle or closed eye), age of onset, cause (primary or secondary) and this is a pointer to the fact that this disease is actually a spectrum of diseases.

The presentation or symptoms of glaucoma varies depending on the sub-type of glaucoma . The open angle variety of glaucoma is characteristically symptom-less in its early stages and by the time one notices a drop in vision, the disease is advanced.

It is therefore advocated that EVERYONE should have a comprehensive eye examination annually to detect eye problems especially glau…

World Glaucoma Week: Yvonne Nelson's YouTube Video!! ...


Happy Mother's Day!!!

It is that time of the year when we celebrate the women in our lives who have had great influence on us; who have nurtured and moulded us over the years, often making untold sacrifices for us. Some of them are not even family members. They are gifts from heaven sent our way to lift us up in the dark times an to mentor us as we trudge along life's challenges. I have many of them in my life. Some of them are family, most are not. As we appreciate these women today, let us not just utter words, but live a life of genuine appreciation. Let them know they are loved!