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My Review of 'We Thought We Were Invincible' by Michelle Lynn

I gave this a five star rating! I enjoyed reading this Young Adult fiction very much. It tells the story of a young girl California and her twin brother in their final year in High School.It is a tale of self-discovery for California and I enjoyed taking that trip with her. I initially found the multiple POVs a little disconcerting but once I understood it, it became interesting to see things from another character's viewpoint as well. It gives an insight into the minds of young people growing up in discordant families and the reasons behind some of the decisions they make and actions they take. It deals with friendships, betrayal, reconciliation, bullying and forgiveness.  It had the right dose of mystery, romance and suspense in it and I am looking forwards to reading the sequel of this novel.

My Review of The Wizard's heart in Goodreads

Hello all,

I recently read a Fantasy novel titled
Tales of the Zingari 
The Wizard's Heart by S.R. Howen.

This is an unusual genre for me, but it was a refreshing experience. One should step outside ones comfort zone sometimes and explore.

 The Wizard's Heart- Tales of the Zingari by S.R. Howen was a truly enjoyable read in a fiction genre that I am not accustomed to. It left me yearning for more. It is the story of a young 'misfit' princess Sorann who is struggling to understand and channel the empathic healing powers she has. When she fails her test as a healer, she is forced to undertake a journey with strangers to save herself from the punishment that is looming over her. One is drawn instantly to her character and her inner battles provide a connection for people dealing with their own personal struggles. Her journey becomes an adventure of self discovery and she finds herself questioning everything she ever believed in.

The story is well written and craft…